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About author

I don’t know how meany aquariums I’ve had. For past 10 years I’ve been selling fish, but I found, that this is not something that really gives me joy. I enjoy being with aquarists, I am very curious about fish lives, but buying and selling them was a full time job. So I started to write articles about fish. I started to learn and dive into this amazing underwater world.

When dealing with aquarium topics, I have a great need to expand my knowledge and share this experience with others. I take it only from confirmed (as far as the reliability of scientific centers) information is concerned. Acquiring this knowledge required dedication, a lot of work and passion from researchers.

I feel enormous admiration for these people. The works to which they have devoted many years of life, lie on virtual shelves and shine like diamonds. It is a great honor to be able to use them and be a bridge between what is specialized and what is popular.

Kinga Smyk